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live fast live kawaii


octopug etsy


it is a day in late april, i open the window to let some air in

a breeze floats by

it is forty degrees outside

I want to roll over at 2 a.m. to a kiss from you not a text message
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apparently someone “did math” to figure out a band members dick size and thats pretty damn disgusting 

can you plz explain how its creepy ?


ok. ok sure ye ok so i feel like people are just seeing it as like general patrick knowledge or like something that he told ppl but its not that at all someone literally did a mathematical sum to find out the size of his genitalia how could that ever be considered not creepy it is a violation of privacy (and im pretty sure is about 100% bullshit, but thats not important) and its just scary like how would u feel if u found out that someone was sitting in their room doing maths to find out the length of ur penis ?? its sososo creepy and if you tweet him about it that is literally harassment bye 

seriously guys this is fucking important

guys talking about patrick’s dick size is making me inexplicably uncomfortable HE’S SUCH A CUTIE PIE?? WHY????

Wait, what's going on about 6.3?! I went and got ice cream and suddenly everybody going on about a 6.3?!


today in bandom: dick math


I bet when teachers taught us math they never thought we’d use it to calculate band members dick size.


Actual Fall Out Boy songs:

The Mighty 6.3

The 6.3 Standard

What a 6.3, Donnie

 A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More “6.3”

The Carpal Tunnel of 6.3

7 Minutes on 6.3